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Online Price Bargain Magento 2 Store


Hersteller SetuBridge
Programm-Info http://store.setubridge.com/document/customer-price-bargain-
Info-Email pr.setubridge@gmail.com

Alle Programme des Herstellers:

Price bargain module helps customer to negotiate on the product pricing
The flexibility to add Call for Price button instead of the price
Magento Gift Card is resourceful when you want to put up gift cards
Allow Customer to add multiple products to cart by SKU and bulk import
Google Customer Reviews Program benefits merchants to request product reviews.
Magento 2 Competition panel allows you to create own competition
Entire website or only for specific web pages have age restriction enforced
This tool gives customers a flexibility to put forth a request.
Recent Review Sidebar Magento Extension by SetuBridge
Country Specific Products - Magento Shipping Restrictions Extension
The Holiday Season Theme is a flexible and feature-rich extension.



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